Ellinbank Observatory

About the Facility

Ellinbank Observatory is a privately run research facility. Variables stars are the principal objects studied, but some work is done on eclipses of the Gallilean satellites. There are two observatories, the main one is housed in a 3.5m Sirius observatory. The telescope debutant is a Planewave 12.5” CDK (corrected Dall-Kirkam Astrograph). The mount is an AstroPhysics AP1600. A description of the instrumentation can be found here.

The second observatory is BSM South. This observatory is being managed locally for the AAVSO. Its aim is monitor bright Variable Stars in the southern hemisphere. The telescope is housed in a home built roll off roof observatory.


An AstroPhysics AP1600 mount with RA and DEC encoders is on order and will be delivered around May 2013. Delivered 130618.
38° 14’ 41”S 145° 57’ 36”E

A SBIG STT 3200ME and FW8S-STT has been ordered. Delivered 130621.

Purchase of second hand SDM 18” f/4.5 #59

The 18” is currently being upgraded with motors and some other alterations by Peter Read.

Motors and modifications and scope returned by Peter. Exceptional service.

Hopefully the observing nights will commence in early 2022

C9.25 telescope purchased
and carbon fibre tube added

AstrophysicsStarfire 102 refractor arrived, purchased second hand. This is a 1990’s model oil-spaced apochromatic triplet refractor of the Astro-Physics “StarFire” family and was manufactured in the days before ED glass came into use in the Astro-Physics line. First light 171226 showed a very crisp moon with a black sky (6mm radian 135x)


Public observing nights. Have a couple of hours under the night sky looking at the moon, planets, galaxies and stars (subject to conditions).